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EQT Golf R Goes Drag Racing!

Posted by Ed Susman on

We had some fun at the drag strip tonight. This is my daily driver 2016 Golf R on the stock IS38 turbo with upgraded intake, downpipe, intercooler, HPFP, COBB Tuning AccessPort, EQT Custom Tune on E85, EQT DSG tune.

For these runs we pulled out the passenger and rear seats as well as the catback exhaust. It ran an 11.46 @ 119mph at full street weight. We're running Hoosier drag radials but still having a lot of traction issues in the front. I’m fairly certain that has to do with my front camber which is set up for track (-2.3 degrees). The Cobb custom traction control really helped to keep things moving with the inconsistent traction. 

These runs make us the fastest stock turbo full weight Golf R and #3 with weight reduction. Considering the car is not set up for drags, we're thrilled with the results. Now its time to install our EQT Vortex turbo and get some 10 second passes!


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  • I’m curious as well for what’s needed for full e85 / flex fuel

    Anthony on
  • So u can run full e85 with only hpfp on a golf r

    Jesse on

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