cracked oil pan


If this has happened to you and you're looking for a solution, you're in the right place! 

In this thread I'm going to discuss upgrade / swap options for your EA888.3 powered vehicle and their cost effectiveness. 

#1 Most Cost Effective Upgrade - Mk6 Steel Pan
In first place, the most cost effective upgrade is to get an OEM steel oil pan from a Mk6 GTI/GLI. Typically these pans can be found for cheap at your local auto parts store or online for around $25-30.

Just search for any of the following;

  • 06J103600AF
  • 06J103600E
  • 06J103600T
  • 06J103600G

Mk6 Steel Pan
If you go this route you'll need to change your fasteners to match the pan. The OE MQB oil pan has a thick plastic standoff as well as an actual gasket while the Mk6 Steel pan does not and requires the use of sealant. Due to these difference you'll need to source different hardware.

Pan Stand Off
The Mk6 steel pan is going to use an M6x1.0x16mm bolt which you can source from your local hardware store if you wanted to dress it up with some stainless steel hex cap screws. Or you can simply purchase OE hardware from the dealership. (Part #N91096702) You'll want to get 20 of whatever you decide.

Total Cost: $30-45 depending on where your source your parts.

#2 OE Aluminum Option
The next most cost effective upgrade option is to the OEM Aluminum pan, however I'm going to rule out this option. While aluminum sounds like a great upgrade vs. Polymer I'd argue that the aluminum is just as fragile and isn't really an upgrade, however it made the list for the sake of fairness and providing all the options.

OE Aluminum

Total Cost: $231-$250

#3 ECS Stainless Steel 
In third place the ECS Stainless Steel pan. This pan features an additional 1.5L oil capacity which helps decrease oil temperature. This pan is built from 11 gauge stainless steel which offers great impact resistance. ECS offers this kit on their website for $570.95 as of todays date. (18 OCT 2021)

otal Cost: $570.95

#4 - The iaBED Baffled Oil Pan
While the iaBED industries oil pan is the most expensive option coming in at $738 as of todays date, it offers the most benefits for the money. The pan increases oil capacity by 0.3L and also has baffling to help prevent oil starvation under high g conditions such as road racing or extreme drag racing.
iaBED oil pan

Total Cost: $738

I hope this article helps all of you who have experienced oil pan damage!

- Dave.