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Often times we're asked if we're able to tune XYZ car, and when it comes to Volkswagen / Audi's the best way for my support staff and I to determine if your vehicle is supported is to get your Engine and Transmission Box Code so we can cross reference with our tuning platforms known list of supported codes.

So, what is a box code?

Your Box code is essentially the Firmware that your physical engine or transmission computer operates on.

Sometimes there are factory updates to remedy an issue that VWAG has been made aware of, and other times they change throughout the production year of vehicles.

A great example of this would be the 2019+ models which are almost always 5G0906259(x). The X being replaced with your specific letter designator.

2019's had a factory software update for a stalling problem on the manual transmission cars. If you've never performed the update then the chances are your Software Version is 0002. And if your vehicle has been updated its going to be 0005.

The numbers "0002" and "0005" are going to be the version of the firmware your ECU operates on. 

How do I locate or find my ECU / TCU Box Code?

Often times I'll ask for this and receive a picture of the Physical ECU. While that is part number is great if you ever need to replace an ECU, it is not the Box Code.

In order to locate the ECU or TCU Box code you're going need any of the following;
Ross-Tech VCDS (aka: VagCom)
OBD-Eleven (OBD-11)
Cobb AccessPort.

Note: If you're using an AccessPort to locate your ECU Box Code, aka: ECU ID, it's located under the Info section of your AP. If you're looking for your TCU Box code (TCU ID) you will ONLY be have access to it if you have 1) a DSG Flashing Capable AccessPort, 2) A DSG Tune installed. So while your AP is a great tool, if you're looking to buy a DSG Tune and need that ID Number, it might not help you.

The Following Images are from our partners at 034Motorsport.

If you're using VCDS, you'll want to connect to the vehicle with the ignition switched on, and navigate over to engine. 

Then once inside the engine control module the information will be presented in the "VAG Number" field and the "Component" field at the end as shown below.

The Process for the transmission is the exact same, just simply select "Auto Trans" instead of engine.

I hope this helps clear up any questions about what your Box Code is, or how to find it.

Special thanks to 034Motorsport for their awesome guide! Link below.


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Note: AccessPort purchases with a DSG tune included will receive the following printed instructions.
DSG Instructions