A common question we receive to our Sales or Support channels is, "Hey will you tune my...?" 

We get asked to tune all sorts of different vehicles from A to Z. If there is a way to tune it, we've likely been asked to do it. 

Yes, we've tuned a few Dodge's.. crazy right!

Will you tune my..?

  • Equilibrium 'Tuning' - Brief History
  • Current Tuning Platforms
  • Cobb Tuning / EcuTek
  • So what other Platforms do Cobb and EcuTek Support?
  • Other Stock Ecu Tuning Options
  • Standalone Engine Management Systems (EMS)
  • Wiring Options for a Standalone EMS
  • In House Tuning Only (Local)
  • At our very core, Equilibrium 'Tuning' is very much so a Tuning company and we will tune just about anything within reason. That said, I've put this guide together to help understand what to expect as well as what the options are.

    With over 12 years of experience in software engineering and a great passion for cars and driving, Ed Susman found himself learning to tune in order to improve the performance of his Subaru WRX back in 2003. Soon, friends within the Subaru community were becoming happy customers, and the rest is history.

    After 5 years of success as a one man tuning operation, Ed decided to expand Equilibrium Tuning into a full service and R&D shop in Fairfield, CA. Since opening the shop, Equilibrium Tuning has experienced consistent growth and continues to improve and develop innovative services and products. 

    While we started as a Subaru specialty shop, we now also handle Nissan, Mitsubishi Evo, Corvette, BMW, Porsche, MazdaSpeed, VW/Audi, and various other platforms. But it's safe to say were best known for our tuning on the MQB VW/Audi platform and our origins with Subaru.

    These platforms as well as the many others shown in our store are all ones that we're incredibly familiar with and generally speaking have predetermined pricing for each of them found on our website. (Click the links in the section below!)

    If you're looking to tune a vehicle that we currently sell software or hardware for and the pricing is not listed, please reach out to Sales@EQTuning.com.

    We currently offer tuning support and services for the following platforms using the tools listed. 

    Many of our current platforms will utilize either a Cobb AccessPort or an EcuTek ProECU kit as a flash tool and datalogger. 

    Cobb Tuning as well as EcuTek offer support for many other platforms, and while we may not currently offer tuning services for them, we're open to taking on new projects if our current workload allows, and if the market of that particular vehicle is prosperous. 

    If you have a vehicle that is currently supported by either Cobb or EcuTek and are interested in having us tune it, here is what you may expect.

    • Often times software companies require you to pay for a license specific to that platform, vehicle or engine. These costs vary from a little to a lot, and if the vehicle you're asking us to tune has a very small niche market the cost of that additional licensing may be passed on to you the customer which may make tuning inherently expensive.
      • That said, If the market on that particular vehicle is prosperous and you're volunteering your vehicle for developmental tuning, we will likely absorb the cost of the licensing.
    • There may be additional unforeseen costs involved in tuning the vehicle that you need to be prepared for. While our Tuning and Sales team will do their best to forewarn you of any and all costs, with any new platform thing don't always go as expected.

    So what other Platforms do Cobb and EcuTek Support?

     Cobb Tuning EcuTek
    Nissan GTR Nissan 370Z
    Mitsubishi Evolution Nissan VR30TT
    Ford Mustang EcoBoost Nissan Juke
    Ford Focus ST Mazda MX-5
    Ford Fiesta ST BMW F Series (S55)
    BMW 335 BMW F Series (N55)
    BMW 135 BMW F/G Series (S58)
    MazdaSpeed 3 BMW B48
    MazdaSpeed6 Mitsubishi Evo X
    Porsche (Various) Ford EcoBoost (ST/RS/Mustang)
    More. More.

    Both Cobb and EcuTek offer additional platforms to those listed above, but the major ones have been listed. For more information Visit Cobb Tuning, EcuTek or contact an EQT Sales Associate by Clicking Here. 

    A lot of vehicles both past and present have come from the factory with an EPROM ECU. (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory)

    basically means that we can flash the computer and tune it. Often times you need special tools and / or software in order to tune these vehicles. The Cobb AccessPort is a great example of an EPROM flashing tool but it's not the only one on the market.

    HPTuners offers a vast array of tuning solutions for various different vehicles from GM to Volkswagen. While we have tuned with HP Tuners before it is not our preferred method on the current platforms we tune as other market offerings are simpler for the end user (Cobb AccessPort)

    Many models of Subaru may also be tuned using OpenSource solutions such as EcuFlash and a Tactrix Cable. Same can be said for many Mitsubishi models.

    While we will tune many of these OE ECU's, pricing will vary and be based on the time required for preparation work, specific tools/software required, and the actual tuning time. 

    And now here we are, the crème of the crop! The standalone engine management system. (EMS) These are the pinnacle of tuning technology, multiple configurable inputs and outputs, complex traction control strategies, the sky is the limit with a standalone.

    EQT has tuned many vehicles utilizing standalone systems and we're very familiar with the interfaces of many different manufacturers products from AEM to Haltech, you name it. We've probably used it, and tuned a vehicle with it.

    Due to the additional complexity involved with a standalone EMS there and many things that need to be set up which adds to the cost of tuning with one. While a lot of manufacturers of these products have "base maps" or "start up maps" if your vehicle is vastly different from the factory configuration then a lot of time is spent by the tuner to set up and calibrate the ECU long before you can make a single power pull on a Dyno.

    For example, if you've changed the fuel injectors, MAP/MAF Sensors, converted from MAF to Speed Density, changed the camshafts, compression ratio, etc. The start up maps are going to be virtually useless and a lot of data will need to be input by the calibrator to get it running correctly

    If you've added additional sensors which require linearizing / scaling as well as safety parameters set up, this all takes time which can make the entire process rather timely and thus costly.

    While we're open to tuning a vehicle with a standalone EMS, be aware that you will likely be charged hourly for the start up / configuration services and then the actual tune where we get to make some power.

    The beauty of a standalone EMS is the ability to enjoy all these additional features, add safeties, create complicated strategies to get your car down the track. If you're the one setting it all up, you really need to know what you're doing.


    Wiring Options for a Standalone EMS

    Many aftermarket Engine Management Systems (EMS) will have a few different types of wiring harnesses available. For the most simple installation a plug & play adapter harness that converts your OE ECU Header plug to the aftermarket ECU is ideal, but may not be the best means if you're looking to add inputs and outputs beyond what the factory came with as seen with the AEM Plug & Play Harness for a Mitsubishi Evo.

    Another option you may see is the "Flying Lead" harness as seen with this Haltech Elite PRO harness below.

    The Flying Lead harness allows you to add custom inputs and outputs with relative ease by just terminating the wire into the appropriate connector body.

    However you decide to install your standalone EMS, the wiring must be correct. If there are issues with your wiring, we will need to perform diagnostics and repairs which may be costly. So if you're looking into having EQT tune your car on a standalone, verify everything works to the best of your ability.

    In House Tuning Only (Local)

    Due to the complexity of setting up and tuning a standalone EMS, we will ONLY perform tuning services for local vehicles at our shop. 

    This way we can ensure that everything is working and wired correctly in order to generate the optimal result. It would be a shame to pay for a remote tuning session on your standalone and find that there is something wrong with the wiring that prevents us from completing your tune, or worse, a faulty sensor or wiring component that causes engine damage. 

    If you have any questions regarding our Tuning services, pricing, or what engine management options are available for you and your vehicle please contact EQT Sales by Clicking Here. 

    Thanks for reading,
    - Dave.