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CJM Industries - Bulkhead Coilover Trim Rings - MQB 1.8T/2.0T

CJM Industries

  • $ 35.00

Tired of lifting up the rain tray to adjust the damping on your coilovers? Sick of looking at the jagged edge from cutting your strut tower? We have a simple solution. 

The CJM bulkhead rings are made to clamp around sheet metal or plastic after cutting an access hole. Perfect for hiding a rough or sharp edge. Made of 3D printed ABS composite. These rings thread on by hand, making for a quick and easy install. The threaded section will fit materials 1mm to 6mm thick (~1/4"). 

These are sized to fit common holes used for cutting strut towers for camber plates. Select the size of the hole you will cut. Installing the rings will reduce the hole diameter by 8mm. Sold in sets of 2 rings. 

Allow 2 business days before shipping. 

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