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CJM Industries - Strut Tower Drilling Guide Tool - MQB 1.8T/2.0T

CJM Industries

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This product is used to cut out the strut tower sheet metal to allow clearance for camber plate adjustment or dampening adjustment from inside the engine bay. 

Available in 2.5" or 3" sizes. You will need to supply your own hole saw. Removal of the strut bearing is required to install this drilling guide. This tool can be reused multiple times. 

Each kit includes:


  • The combo pack (Both 2.5" & 3") includes 2 guide plates, and 1 set of hardware that can be used on either guide plate. 


We also offer rain tray trim rings that are a good accessory for this product (here)

CPO talks about this product in a video here 

When selecting a hole saw to use in conjunction with this, we suggest a carbide tipped one. They last much longer and leave a cleaner cut. Milwaukee and Spyder make good options that are available at most home centers. The hole saw is NOT included. 

2.5" Spyder - Part number 600909CF

3" Spyder - Part number 600913CF

2.5" Milwaukee - part number 49-56-0727

3" Milwaukee - Part number 49-56-0734

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