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EQT DS1 Custom E-Tune (4.0T) - Equilibrium Tuning, Inc.

EQT Custom ECU Tune (DS1) - Audi 4.0T (C7/D4)


  • $ 650.00

If you're looking for a refined tune specific to your vehicle and its modifications an EQT Custom tune via DS1 is the solution.

An EQT Custom tune is the best and safest way to make the most of your hardware, no more canned setups, no more hardware restrictions. With your EQT Custom tune using DynoSpectrum's DS1, we'll take your car to the next level of performance while maintaining all of the OEM features and creature comforts you've come to enjoy.

EQT Suggests the use of DVX Performance Transmission Software with Our Custom Tuning.

About Custom E-Tuning

While our refined base map tunes are a great choice for cars with basic modifications, this custom e-tuning service takes over from there. This service is highly recommended for cars with heavier or more customized modifications like water/meth injection, upgraded turbos, upgraded fuel pumps, ethanol blends, race gas, etc. This is also a great option for those with basic modifications who want to get the absolute most out of their tune and to customize it to their specific goals, use, and driving environment. 

How it works:

When you purchase a custom e-tune, you will provide us with details about your car and setup. We will then craft and e-mail you a customized base map for your car that will work as a starting point for the process. You will then follow instructions to install the map on your car and gather data via logging which will be e-mailed to us for review. We will review and revise the tune, and then repeat until the tune is perfectly dialed in. The entire process generally takes 4-8 revisions, though we do not implicitly limit the number of revisions. We generally get revisions out within a week of receiving logs. The goal of every tune is to dial in the car as perfectly as possible and to customize the feel to the specific driver's preference. During the entire tuning process, you will have a clear line of communication with our expert tuner. 

Live E-Tune Session

Instead of going through the standard e-tune process which can take 3-8 weeks to complete, we also offer an option to schedule a Live Tuning Session with one of our tuners. The process for this is very similar in that we exchange logs and revisions until the tune is dialed in. However, with this option, we get everything done in one day over the course of 2-4 hours. Many customers choose to also schedule dyno time at their dyno facility of choice to help complete the tuning session. This can make the process even smoother and will provide a more dialed in result. The other option is to complete the required data logs on a safe closed road/track. In either case, the customer must have a reliable internet connection and must be able to perform logs in a timely manner. 

The Live E-Tune Session adds $100 to the cost of the tune. This $100 reserves your time slot when you schedule with us. If you miss the appointment for any reason that is not our fault, the $100 fee is forfeited and you will be required to pay a second fee when re-scheduling your appointment. If you notify us of a need to re-schedule with at least 1 week notice, the appointment fee will not be forfeited. 

EQT Special Features Available

Adjustable Boost on Launch.
- While the OE launch control does a pretty good job of getting your car off the line, if you need to run more or less boost for your specific setup on the launch we can tailor your launch control to leave on just the right amount of boost at the right RPM to get you down the track as fast as possible.
*EQT Suggest DVX Transmission Software to fully optimize this feature.  Click Here

Map Switching
- While Map switching is native to DS1, it's designed for multiple different octanes. (i.e. Ethanol, 91, 100 octane, etc) It can also be used for multiple boost settings. If you're on a full frame, or hybrid turbo setup and want to have a more "streetable" tune as your primary tune, and also have a "kill map" you can adjust it on the fly with Map switching.

With Map switching, Temporary Map 9 is also available as a Scramble button to provide a large increase of power at any time on a momentary switch with no additional wiring. 

Map 9 Special Features
- Rolling Anti-Lag (Not suggested for use on a stock engine)
- Push to Pass / Scramble Button. (With Map switching ONLY)
- Extra boost on the launch (variable 2-step)

Burbles / Crackles / Pops & Bangs
- Want to make a little noise? Burbles can be set for regular drive mode, or sport only just like on our 4 Cyl software. If you want it rowdy, mild, or just OE+, we got you covered.

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