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iSWEEP Performance Brake Pads for 8S TT-S (Front) - Equilibrium Tuning, Inc.

iSWEEP Performance Brake Pads for 8S TT-S (Front)


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The essential part of brake pad development is choosing the right frictional material to exhibit the ideal brake characteristics to suit its targeted usage. Usually, the formula requires a compromise; for example, a quiet and noise-free pad cannot be guaranteed against brake fade characteristics, at times increasingly worse than factory brake pads. A balance of braking properties is very important. If the effectiveness of the pad compound is increased, so must the initial braking characteristic for which both are correlated with the pedal control factor. Typically, the more experienced the driver, the more they will request a pad with increased linear braking characteristics with high fade resistance. Six varying frictional levels and characteristics have been developed to suit a wide array of user needs. These brake pads have undergone rigorous testing such as long-term street testing and countless data logging from circuit use to bring to you the most ideal iSWEEP brake pad.

iSWEEP is a Japanese brake and suspension company. All products are developed and manufactured in Japan.




  • Compound 2500 or higher will generate noise when the brake is applied within city driving conditions.
  • Pad set does not include a wear sensor
  • Some race compounds do not have slots for wear sensors.

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