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Ringer Racing 23lbs Flywheel - VW/Audi MQB/e 2.0T

Ringer Racing

  • $ 625.00
  • Save $ 7495

ClutchMasters proudly manufactures these 23lbs Billet Steel Flywheels for Ringer Racing in the USA for use with their clutch kits. 

If your flywheel is in need of replacing, or you previously had the 18lbs flywheel and wish to change it out for the 23lbs flywheel, you're in the right place.

If you're looking for a Complete Ringer Racing Clutch kit Click Here.

Mk5, Mk6, Mk7, Mk7.5 2.0T TSI 6-Speed (O2Q) with 8 Bolt Crankshaft

= ClutchMaster Billet 23lbs Steel Flywheel (Black Anodized)
- ARP Flywheel Bolt (x8)

The advantages of a heavier flywheel include;
- Increased driveability
- Less transmission noise
- Increased torque.

The Disadvantages are;
- Slower free revving
- Slower shifts at high rpm.

*Individual results may vary in regards to transmission noise. O2Q manual transmissions vary significantly in build quality and how much gear rattle noise may be heard. Some are looser and tighter than others. Looser transmissions will generate more noise regardless of flywheel weight.

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