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TB Performance Torque Gusset Traction Bar - MQBe 2.0T GTI (Mk8+)

TB Performance

  • $ 299.95

The Torque Gusset Front Traction Bar is a chassis brace that ties the entire front crossmember to the A arm suspension to cut down on bushing and chassis deflection. This deflection is one of the main causes of torque steer and wheel hop. Wheel hop and torque steer are virtually eliminated with this brace!

-Fits Manual and DSG

-Helps protect oil pans by acting as a skid plate that also improves handling! 

-Clears aftermarket motor mounts

-4 Point Construction tying into the Rear A-arm mounting points for extra rigidity

-Lattice work construction to reinforce and give you the ultimate in wheel hop and torque steer reduction

-Heavy duty CNC billet end cups

-High gloss double black powdercoat finish

-Hand MIG and TIG welded Construction

-Made in the USA



Will not fit with Audi aluminum subframe. Please see the 2 point traction bar for a brace that works with the Audi subframes

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