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Not sure if your AP is DSG capable?
Can you install a Cobb DSG Tune on it?
Yes - Your AP is DSG Enabled
No - Your AP is NOT DSG capable and you need the unlock

The Cobb AccessPort now offers support for the DSG transmission in your GTI and Golf R. When you purchase an AccessPort with DSG support (or upgrade), you will be able to flash your TCU. The AccessPort comes with several basic off the shelf maps which are a great step up from the factory DSG calibration.   

As usual, we take the good and make it even better! We spent months and over 60 revisions developing our customized DSG calibrations. Like most DSG tunes, we raise the torque limits to allow for higher clutch clamping force which allows us to run up to 475ft-lbs on the stock clutch packs. We also raise and optimize the full throttle shift points, add the gear display indicator, and have a 3-level Launch Control (Golf R/S3 only) that you can toggle between 3 launch RPMs by your pedal position (50%, 99%, 100% by pressing kickdown switch).

Optionally you can choose to disable kickdown switch and auto-shift options in manual mode to give you a 99% true manual mode* (Please see notes further down this page)

But the majority of the work and refinement goes into fine tuning the part throttle shift points and shift speeds for every mode. This means that in Drive-Normal mode, your car will drive spiritedly, yet very smoothly while retaining excellent gas mileage characteristics. You will find the TCU holding RPM higher and downshifting sooner than stock, keeping you in the powerband and keeping transitions very smooth. In Sport mode, our tune really transforms the car by increasing shift speeds considerably, as well as really optimizing shift points for aggressive driving. As a result of our efforts, we've been getting rave reviews on the general driving characteristics of our tune. It's something you have to drive to fully understand. 


DSG Customization
If you select DSG Customization, please select the appropriate option. Then Download and fill out the DSG Form and email it to with your Order Number.

DSG Customization Form Download
No Auto-Shift / Kick Down (NASKD)

*NOTE: Only Applicable in Manual Mode. Not Drive or Sport.

“NASKD”, or No Auto-upshift, KickDown control (DSG equipment, manual-mode selected). Kickdown disabled/enabled controls the gear change when you hit 100% throttle input (or pass the 80% threshold / pedal “stop”) If you disable this kickdown, then the car will not downshift to a lower gear when pressing this switch. It will ALWAYS still downshift when coming to a stop, the DSG will not allow you to stall the car. Auto-upshift essentially removes the auto-shifting at redline to the next higher gear, which will allow the car to maintain redline at any gear you are in. This does NOT mean you can money shift or that safeties are removed.

Matching DSG and ECU Software

The ECU and TCU have to work in Harmony as both sides have the ability to limit and control torque. If the ECU Tune demands more torque than the TCU is calibrated for it may try to reduce the torque output or possibly slip the clutches which may lead to premature failure.

You may also run into driveability issues beyond the means of our control which wouldn't allow us to guarantee the car drives as well as it should. The shift points are largely dependent on the pedal position which is greatly affected by the ECU throttle mapping. A mismatch between ECU and TCU may cause the shift points to be off.

A Competitor Staged DSG Tune may perform fine with our Stage 1 or Stage 2 Tune, but provided you're looking to go to a larger than the stock turbo and custom tune it may become an issue.

Locating your DSG ID

If you have an AccessPort with DSG capabilities already

With the ignition on, and the AccessPort connected to the OBDII port, back out of the gauges display, and scroll up to “Help” and select it. Then, select “About Accessport”, and your ECM/TCM ID’s are displayed.

DSG Relearn Procedure

When is a DSG relearn needed?

When flashing a TCM tune, especially if you are switching from a competitor's software to another, or switching from software meant for 1 turbo to a new bigger turbo, you may possibly encounter some unintended shift behavior. *If*  you experience shift oddities(Do not run it if you are not experiencing issues), it's recommended you perform a reset of the DSG  transmission, as the TCM does not reset learned behaviors (unlike the ECM when flashing a new map). In order to do this, you'll want to navigate to the troubleshooting menu in your Cobb AccessPort. Once there, select TCM service. From the TCM service menu, scroll down and perform each item straight down the list, one by one, including "Default Setting of DSG" Some items may tell you that another item needs to be done first before you can do it, so skip and return to it after completing the others. 

NOTE: In order to properly perform default settings, the vehicle must be running, in park with the parking brake engaged, and transmission fully up to temperature. You will need to also place your foot firmly on the brake in order to complete the procedure.  Failure to follow these instructions could result in unwanted results. 


EQT Staged DSG Tune - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T/2.0T

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EQT Staged DSG Tune - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T/2.0T

$ 175.00