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034Motorsport 18" ZTF-01 Forged 5x112 Wheel - Anthracite


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034Motorsport ZTF Wheels

034Motorsport ZTF Wheels are fully forged, designed with ultimate performance in mind. ZTF Wheels are forged with 10,000 tons of pressure to produce a wheel that is incredibly strong, providing all of the performance attributes needed in a track focused wheel while also being practical for the street. Close inspection reveals scalloping of the spokes, giving the wheel rigidity while also keeping weight to a minimum. This design was chosen for its motorsports heritage and track-worthy strength. Each wheel features traction improving-bead seat knurling, a thicker inner rim flange for durability and strength, and machined accents for good looks. ZTF wheels are designed specifically for each application to provide the best appearance, optimal tire selection, and proper fitment with most popular aftermarket big brake kits. In addition, all ZTF wheels are durability tested according to DOT/SAE and JWL/VIA standards to ensure safety. ZTF Wheels are sold with a lifetime structural warranty against defects.

Specialized Sizing

Some of our wheel sizing may seem unconventional at first. For example, questions frequently arise regarding the 9.3 inch wide wheel. The answer is simple. The ZTF wheel line is unique compared to other wheels offered in the segment in that they are designed for precise, model-specific fitment to maximize tire size while ensuring adequate clearance to the fenders and suspension components. Since these wheels are fully customized by the 034Motorsport engineering team, the optimal width from a performance and fitment standpoint can be chosen. In some cases that still results in the conventional half-inch sizing scale. But for other cars where conventional half-inch increments are a compromise, non-standard widths can be designed, such as the 9.3 inch and 11.2 inch wide ZTF wheels. Rest assured that ZTF Forged Wheels for your specific vehicle will fit perfectly without any guessing games or modifications to fenders or suspension components.


ZTF Forged Wheel Features

Gear Cut Knurled Bead Seat:

All ZTF Wheels feature a gear cut knurled bead seat which improves the bind between the tire and the rim. This prevents tire creep/slippage and improves traction in high performance driving conditions.

Reinforced Inner Rim Flange:

An example of how material is removed while key areas retain mass. In this case, we added forged mass to the inner rim to resist impact bending.

Max Fitment:

These wheels are application specific. We take into account the proper performance wheel and tire size and the aesthetic of the car to make sure that these wheels not only perform well, but also look fantastic. 

Brake Clearance Compatibility:

Wheel designs have been tested with some of the world's premier aftermarket big brake kit suppliers to ensure that these wheels clear potential racing upgrades. Wheels are designed to clear brakes from the design phase, while maintaining max concavity and good looks. Notice the raised rim barrel which allows for large diameter rotor and caliper combinations.

Rigid Spoke Tracer:

ZTF Wheels feature structural improvements to basic designs such as the rigid spoke tracer. This improves the stiffness and durability of the wheel while keeping the weight of the wheel to a minimum. Improving stiffness is key because if the wheel can withstand deflection/deformation in high load situations, you can improve driving consistency, which in turn leads to better confidence on the track.

Weight Reduction:

Painstaking care was taken in removing s much material as possible while keeping material in critical areas to ensure complete safety and reliability. All areas of the wheels are considered and tested with FEA Analysis software and tested in both laboratory and real world conditions.

Wheel Manufacturing Methods

There are a number of ways modern wheels are currently manufactured. Each of these manufacturing methods has a significant impact on manufacturing cost, wheel weight, wheel strength, and wheel durability.

Forging Process:

All ZTF Wheels are fully forged. The wheel starts out as an aircraft grade solid cylinder of 6061 Aluminum. The cylinder is pressurized with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure to give the wheel its basic shape while improving the grain structure and overall properties of the high grade aluminum. Absolutely no porosity combined with a densely organized microstructure allows for amazing designs, low weight, and high strength.


Flow Forming Process:

Flow forming is popular today due to the increased density of the wheel rim that is spun forged like a vase. Pricing is still within the budget of most race / track enthusiasts. The issue is that a flow formed wheel starts out as a casting with a casting grade aluminum (A356). There is still potential for porosity, but it is a definite improvement over a completely cast wheel.

Casting Process:

Most wheels in the world are manufactured using this method. Molten aluminum (A356) is poured into a mold to create the complete wheel shape. It is the least costly method of making wheels and is adequate for the street as long as it the wheel is well made. However, when it comes to performance/track environments, the potential porosity of the wheel (especially on lower end cast wheels) may cause cracks which is dangerous. Imagine pouring pancake batter into a bowl and watching air bubbles form.


Collaboration with Titan 7:

As with any buying decision, always seek out the best in the industry/sector for the product you are looking for. While our engineering team has decades of hardware and software experience, we chose to collaborate with an industry leading manufacturer known for producing high strength forged wheels at fair prices. Titan 7 is a no-compromise wheel company with over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. 034Motorsport is a performance minded company with experience in professional racing supply, OEM factory supply, and aftermarket supply. This collaboration with Titan 7 means that every ZTF Wheel is proven to withstand abuse, while being designed to perform and look amazing with specific fitments for your Audi or Volkswagen.

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