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aerofabb End Plate / Dive Plane Combo (Comp Series) - MQB 2.0T (VW Mk7+ GTI-R)


  • $ 300.00

Product estimated ship date of 6 weeks. Order cannot be cancelled for any reason.


Our end plates with integrated dive planes help drive the aerobalance forward with a downforce boost upwards of 7%. With a minimal drag penalty, vortices are generated and travel down the side of the car acting as a barrier by keeping high pressure air around the car from entering the low-pressure region under the car. 


  • Right and Left End Plate
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


  • CFD Optimized
  • Downforce increase upwards of 7%
  • Fine tune/shift your aero balance forward
  • Designed/Manufactured In-House via CAD/CNC Machining
  • Durable Matte Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Precise Fitment
  • Lightweight

We Are Innovators
aerofabb is proud to offer an innovative front splitter end plate / dive plane solution with a unique mounting approach.

End Plate Construction
The aerofabb front splitter end plate / dive plane combo is constructed from a combination of lightweight 5052 aluminum and comes in a durable, lightly textured, matte black powdercoat finish. 

Hassle Free Installation
By utilizing the pre-existing holes on your Competition Series Front Splitter, you can install in seconds. The end plates slide over the edges of your splitter and lock into position within the recessed pocket leaving the surface transition on the underside flush. Simply thread two bolts from the bottom side into the pre-attached mounting bracket containing pre-installed press nuts, and you are ready to rock! 

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