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EQT Pro Series Brushless LPFP - VW/Audi MQB/e 1.8T/2.0T


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ECU tuning is required to utilize this pump


The EQT Pro pump was developed as a perfect upgrade when our standard kit doesn't meet your requirements. This pump will support up to 700whp safely on ethanol. This is a perfect solution to meet most hybrid and full frame turbo fueling requirements. 

During the development of the Typhoon with our Shop Golf R, we spent a lot of time finding the best fueling solution to feed our Typhoon setup. Naturally, an evolution of our existing brushless pump came to be and the EQT LPFP Pro was developed.

Torture tested at 3 bar of boost (43psi) on the Typhoon and over 700-wheel horsepower, our new Pro pump has met and exceeded our expectations. 

This kit features an OEM basket with an upgraded pump installed. This direct drop in assembly requires no cutting or splicing of wires. No core is required, making this a true drop-in solution for your higher hp setup. 

Kit Contents:
  • Drop-In Brushless Fuel Pump
  • Genuine OEM Fuel Tank Gasket
  • Black Brushless Fuel Pump Controller
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness
  • Installation Hardware - Disclaimer; For all Rest of World customers the connections in your tank may differ from North American cars. If you are ROW and FWD please denote it in the comment section and we will include parts to remedy this issue.


Calibration Data

Maximum Fuel Pressure Set Point (Boost): 140psi

Maximum Fuel Pressure Set Point (Quantity): 105psi

Max LPFP Pressure: 105psi

Max LPFP Duty: 92%

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